Monday, September 16, 2013

Two Little Dresses

Two little grandgirls and two little dresses.

First up, the one designed by grandgirl2:

And here is what we made:

Grandgirl2 knows that cowboy cowgirl boots are a welcome addition to any ensemble. Even though she was born outside of Texas, she still knows that boots make the look work. Especially boots that are a little scuffed from galloping around the playground. Just shows that they are real boots. And a real look.

What I learned - it's really not hard to draft a pattern for a 7 year old. Everything looks adorable.

Grandgirl3 allowed me to use a pattern. I just love a peasant top or peasant dress. So 60's. So perfect when you are 4. Or 63.

Children's Corner Jane

And here is our version of this little classic look.

Well, maybe not at 63. But it's such a sweet look on her.


  1. Oh very cute! And I agree whole heartedly, cowgirl boots make an outfit, just about any outfit. I had bright red ones with white stitching at that age. And the pony? There is a pony right?;)

  2. So cute, Martha. Love posts about the grandkids.

  3. They are so adorable. I agree on the boot thing!! I had a pair that I wouldn't take off. Boots go with a swimsuit, right?!! Hey, wore them then and wear them now. A staple to any wardrobe :)