Friday, February 21, 2014

A Simple Top

The fabric for this tee is a red rayon jersey. It is a true-blue-red though that is hard to capture in a photograph. A cheerful color, or maybe a loud color. Pure red.

The pattern is my TNT Vogue 8793, a Katherine Tilton design. It's the one with the zipper trim around the neck. I never successfully made one with the zip trim, but I love the way it fits.

There are only 5 pieces even if you count the neck band. But it is rayon jersey which is, well, not always cooperative. I mostly held my breath and muttered while making this and I only had to unstitch a few times.

After I finished it, I was catching up on blogs that I follow. Are you familiar with the Rusty Bobbin? If not, then you should be. She makes such lovely pieces and has a wonderful sense of humor. I bring her up here because she just finished a top using similar fabric. She said it was like sewing jello to toilet paper. Yep.


  1. I loved her comment about the jello and TP. Too funny, but oh how I can relate! I do love that red. The true blue red is what I love and seems hard to find. I'm about to start a top from that pattern. It will be #2 from that pattern.

  2. I love this top with the vibrant color.

  3. Simple tops are the best because they slip on so easily and always look great with just about everything. Hmmm, jello to toilet paper, frightening!!!

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