Thursday, April 14, 2016


A new baby girl is the reason for sewing these pieces. She will join the human tribe sometime in June. Cousin's very first grandchild. What a wonderful time.

The pink cotton knit is as soft in real life as it looks. I purchased it from the Martha Pullen booth at Expo this year. So yummy. And such a sweet place for a little embroidery.

The patterns are from old, old Ottobre magazines. The sack is for a newborn and the onesie for 6-8 months. They look so small that I am beginning to question whether or not they will ever fit a tiny human. But then it is so easy to forget how tiny a new one is.

I am pretty proud of these simple snaps:

And icing on the cake is of course a little sashiko.


  1. So special...congrats to the expectant new mom!

  2. Adorable! Hope you'll share a pic of the new baby human when she arrives!

  3. These are so sweet-I am sure the new parents will appreciate these pieces and love them.