Saturday, June 17, 2017

Camp Shirt

It's a simple shape, something I tend to prefer. The Easy, Ageless, Cool pattern from Louise Cutting includes this shirt and some interesting pants that I haven't made yet. I'm not sure why I waited so long to make the shirt. This pattern has been out a while.

You can add front and back darts to achieve a more fitted look, but I won't. I like its boxy nature. I lengthened the sleeves, made a forward shoulder adjustment, and added a center back seam to provide some space for the curve of my upper back. I also reduced the circumference at my bust and waist a bit. Next time I think I'll go down by one size through the shoulders to the waist.

The fabric is a lovely shirting I purchased at Sarah's Fabrics in Lawrence KS the first time I attended Sew Kansas at the Sewing Workshop. It's a pin-dot or jacquard weave. It was great to sew and it will be great to wear.  And I do love navy blue. Thoughtful SIL had spotted this sweet store for me and knew I'd love it.

I decided mid-way through the process that I'd prefer to stitch my facings down. The instructions are to stitch down the back facing but not the front. Once I realized this I had to partially remove my pocket in order to stitch the front facing. Otherwise I would have closed up the pocket!

It was fun to make something, and then even more, to wear something. I do enjoy slow stitch but it's mighty satisfying to have a completed project like this.


  1. I love your version of this shirt, Martha. Louise Cutting told us at a workshop 6-7 years ago that she thought the pattern had one of the prettiest necklines she'd designed and I agree!


  2. so pretty. I really like the shape of the back facing.

  3. I haven't made a garment in so long, but I must say I really like this shirt. As much as I like bright colors [sorta intermediate quilter here], I do normally choose chambray or your choice of blue. The model looks so put together!

  4. I love this fabric! Subtle woven-in geometric designs really appeal to me for some reason. That shirt was the perfect use for it and I like the little embellishment on the back.

  5. Very nice make Martha. Love that fabric!

  6. I love your shirt!!! Very classic and clean lines. Really hope you will sew more of the Cutting Line patterns because your designs inspire me to make them. I just was looking over the Cutting Line patterns last night and could not find anything that looked worth making and I guess I am not as imaginative as you. Please keep making up the patterns so I be inspired to make them.