Thursday, September 7, 2017

Columns and Basics and More

If I am honest with myself, I realize that I get a real bang out of making a jacket, much more so than many shirts and certainly more than making pants. I live in pants; they are essential to my wardrobe. But yawn. Of course, the worst day sewing is still very, very good.

Eureka top from TSW; Eureka! pants from Fit for Art
Recently I've tried to rein in my creative juices just a tad to fill some holes. First up was this easy topper made using some yummy indigo-dyed cotton (I think) from Shibori Girl. The pattern is the Eureka from the Sewing Workshop. It is possibly the easiest pattern in my stash. Although designed for knits, the fit is so relaxed that almost anything works. I enjoy the loose fit, especially when it's hot.

Top is CLD's Pure and Simple; Pants are Eureka! from Fit For Art
The pants pictured above are also a recent make in a navy-blue cotton-silk blend purchased at Gail K in Atlanta. It is a great weight from pants and not too heavy for a top. The pattern I used for pants is the Eureka! pants pattern from Fit for Art.

Pure and Simple pattern from Cutting Line Designs
Cutting pants always leaves long narrow remnants so it's satisfying to make a top to match. This creates the column or background for any number of jackets in my closet. The pattern I have often used to create such a column is the OOP Pure and Simple from Cutting Line Designs.

Tabula Rasa jacket from Fit for Art; Pure and Simple top from CLD; Eureka! pants from Fit for Art
While digging in my stash, I came across this bird print, a remnant gifted to me by DD. Every time I see it, I either want to sketch one of the birds and make a jacket. It feels like bark cloth and has a nice weight for our coolish weather.

The brown sleeves and front placket is from a linen remnant. I added a single welt pocket using instructions from an old issue of Sew Confident. I sort of like it with this recently finished brown striped shirt.

How about some red pants? Too much?

I am just about to cut out some much needed black pants and a white shirt. I promise.


  1. Yep, it's hard to cut/sew the basic pieces we need so often. I've had a black silk Hearts a flutter shell cut for a year and keep saying "it will be next." HA And I could have used it so many times!!!

  2. I'd go with the "column of colour" for that fabulous bird jacket. It needs to be the hero. Gorgeous.

  3. Hi, Martha. I love all your makes and also follow your Flickr posts. I'm having the worst time trying to figure Flickr out! I've finally learned how to make albums and post to them. Can you explain how to post a photo to the CLD group, which I also follow? Do you need permission? I don't want to bother Louise right now when she must be occupied getting prepared for the hurricane. Thanks!

  4. Loved this post...its right where I am...recently became a volunteer usher for one of my fav. theaters....white shirt?just plan ole white shirt? Yikes? Cut out a Louise cutting "Relax a Little" it's my go to off I go to make. Now tell me about these Eureka Pant pattern, what do you like about it?? Looking for a new pattern with the tapered leg....And while I'm going on, no, no, on the red pants...but great bird print...Laura