Monday, November 20, 2017

Frankie Day 4

Frankie is done! Here are some of my final steps in my first journey with the new Frankie pattern from the Sewing Workshop (TSW).

Buttonholes and buttons, done. I'll live with these for a while. They were in stash so they needed a showing.

As Elaine on FB pointed out, the exterior of the sleeves is just right, but there is a remaining raw bit on the inside, right at the top of the vent. My French seams didn't help. I find it difficult to smoothly transition from a French seam to another seam finish. In the end I tried to fold under the raw edge and slip-stitch in place but it is a bit of a kludge.

The deep inverted pleat in the back is so pretty, I think. I decided to edge-stitch along the inside fold in the hopes of keeping it pleated as I wear and sit in it.

DH was sweet enough to take a picture of me. I guess this is how he sees me (he's quite a bit taller than I am).

So I did a selfie that may be a more accurate read on this shirt, or at least its proportions on my 5'5" frame. Or maybe it's just the way I see me.

Things I love:

  • Face-framing collar
  • Overlapping seams on the sides of the shirt, as well as the sleeves
  • Back pleat
  • Oh, my, this navy blue hammered silk!
  • The final result.

Things I love less:
  • Overall length was too much for me - I shortened it 3", making deep hems that I love.
  • I wish I had lengthened the sleeves an inch. Next time.
  • That raw bit at the top of the sleeve vent. If I had been working with sturdy fabric, I might have been able to finisse it better. Next time.
  • I should have made a narrow shoulder adjustment rather than fudging it. This pattern has wide shoulders, wider than my older TSW patterns. Next time.

This was a fun and challenging make.

Now it's time to make a few gifts.


  1. Such a nice shirt on you, Martha! Love that silk.

  2. Looks wonderful and it must feel lovely on!