Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Splice Top

This is the latest top pattern from the Sewing Workshop (TSW). But I've had it and used it for a few years now. While attending Sew Kansas some years ago, I had a chance to try on their sample. Then I traced the pattern pieces and brought them home.

the sample I tried on at Sew Kansas
After that, I made it twice - once with a nubby medium weight cotton. I forgot about the uneven hems and ended up chopping off the excess in this first one - I just had pattern tissue and no instructions. I love this shirt. I even removed the white stitching and over-dyed it at one point because the black had faded so much.

Since the black one was so good, I made a second one almost right away, this time out of a remnant of China silk. This was not so successful. I did something cludgie in order to make the hems uneven. I added black piping to show off the side panels. But I haven't worn it much. I think it's too fussy for me.

Then I misplaced the pattern tissue. Each time I saw Linda Lee, I pestered sweetly asked her when they were going to publish this. It's just such a good wardrobe builder. They finally published it as a PDF a few weeks ago - hooray and thanks!

I like the loose overall shape, bateau neckline, and 3/4 length sleeves. It has one distinctive feature - the side panels that are shorter than the front and back pieces. But it's just so good.

This is the first one I've made with the instructions. The instructions are not critical, except for that uneven hem. Their directions yield a lovely finished hem and side seams. And that makes me happy!

The fabric is a Brussels washer fabric (linen and rayon) from Craft South. It is a shot weave with dark blue in one direction and turquoise in the other direction. I love the color! It is a much softer, lighter Brussels washer than I've sewn, just right for this top.

top-stitching on the 3/4 length sleeves

Initially I cut out the side panels and the facing in light green linen. I decided against this embellishment.

Yep, it is plain but I have a hunch I'll be reaching for it quite a lot.

And I have my next one planned already. This pattern is a blank canvas. There are so many opportunities for variations and fun. Maybe I need some new fabric...


  1. I absolutely love the China Silk version on you. It is beautiful!

  2. Interesting how what we see and you experience are so different. My reaction to you in the China silk top was what a great version so elegant with the black pants. Do like the blue one too. Great colour.