Friday, June 28, 2024

Weekly Slow Stitch Projects with k3n - halfway!

Back in December 2023, I decided to subscribe to k3n clothtales on youtube. She is a prolific, generous and inspiring artist, specializing is slow stitch. She announced that she would be posting every Monday a smallish hand-stitched project. She suggested that we create a stitch journal with 52 pages - one for each week.

For my stitch journal, I pulled out some old jeans I had thrifted and created a book cover. I bound the 52 pages to it. I chose to machine stitch the cover after remembering that it is not fun to hand-stitch jeans denim. In my supplies, I had an eco-dyed piece of wool already cut in the primitive shape of a bird. I hand-stitched that to the cover. The cording was created using k3n's method of twisting strips of fabric.

On Monday Jan 1, k3n posted the first little project. Each week has a theme. Since we are now halfway through 2024, I thought I might go ahead and post each of my tiny pieces with the theme for that week. My pieces tend to be about 5" x 5.5" in order to fit into my book. One of my first lessons was how fun it is to stitch a finished piece to a piece of paper in my stitch journal!

week 1 - community

week 2 - light and dark

week 3 - diversity

week 4 - choices

week 5 - hidden stories

week 6 - listen to the cloth

week 7 - held together by threads of love

week 8 - both sides now

week 9 - palindrone poems

week 10 - the thing with feathers

week 11 - respecting traditions

week 12 - if you love something...
see also week 25

week 13 - friendship

week 14 - layers

week 15 - solar eclipse

week 16 - home

week 17 - back story - secret instructions to stitch and piece and sew it in backwards.

week 18 - pockets

week 19 - kintsugi inspired

week 20 - limits

week 21 - boro inspired

week 22 - comfort cloth

week 23 & 24: still crazy
k3n spread this over 2 weeks due to the complexity

week 25 - the *big* reveal after burying the companion piece from week 12
Mine did not show much deterioration so I re-buried it. 
We are in a drought so I need to leave it a while. 
It is not as protected as my first round.

week 26 - why nature loves a hexagon

k3n also posts other videos on Wednesdays and Fridays. I do not know how she does it. I cannot keep up with the other little projects, so I'm just going with the Monday projects for my growing stitch journal.

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