Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quincy Top - starting

I have been looking forward to sewing this pattern ever since it was announced. My copy arrived Friday and I cut out the pattern pieces for both the top and the pants, though the pants are far less exciting. I love the lines of the Quincy top.

I've decided to make it with some linen I purchased from Fabric Fix in NH a while ago. It is a cheerful piece - orange threads one direction, pink threads the other. And I love sewing with linen. I have it cut out and have started sewing it, but there is a hitch.

I hate that when the sewing karma is flowing.

This top calls for an 18" separating zipper. The only possible candidate at my local JAs is pastel pink and it is heavy, intended for jackets. So of course I purchased it, hoping it would look good.

It does not look good. In the photo, I see that the bright red zipper might have worked better than this pale pink. I've just sewn one side in and checked the next steps. This is an *exposed* zipper. I suspected that was the case after reading TSW blog. So the zipper needs to either (a) make a statement, or (b) blend with the fabric. The light pink fails on both counts. And it's too heavy for this project.

All that lovely sewing karma will have to stew for a while. Maybe Gail K's will have just the thing tomorrow. If not, I'll be looking for a source on the web.

I still think this is a great addition to TSW line-up. And the instructions are great, as usual.


  1. If you can't find it locally, has loads of zipper styles/weights/colors and deliver VERY fast. I have been very happy with them. They will make your zipper in a custom length for an additional dollar. What's not to like? :) I am waiting on my Quincy pattern too.

  2. Shams, thanks so much! I just ordered one in a perfect color and weight. Martha

  3. I'm anxious to see your finished project. Isn't Fabric Fix wonderful? You can always find something there, especially if you have an open mind and are not looking for something in particular. Looking forward to seeing it made up!