Monday, July 18, 2011

Quincy Top - version 1.0 finally finished

Last night I was so pleased to have time to actually finish my first Quincy top. It turned out a little differently than I expected but I am still happy with the result so far. I have not actually worn it anywhere and that is the best test. I thought it would be more fitted and I even worried about it fitting over my tummy. No problem with that.

I've been so inspired by all the lovely and artful versions posted by Terri and yet I could not seem to find the time to finish my version.

I made this first version straight from the pattern envelope, size M. My only design changes were to add some top-stitching and a little bias strip to the zipper pull. While I had planned it to be a top, I may make a tank to match so that I can wear it as a jacket. It is loose enough. I hope to set up the tripod and take pictures of me wearing it soon.

I especially like the vertical lines formed by attaching the front-back to the side-sleeve. This design line seems to be slenderizing. And the collar frames the face so nicely. The sleeves are a little ho-hum, but I'm going to see if they grow on me. If not, I may add some little tucks like those in the side piece front.

Now for the Quincy pants.


  1. Lovely Martha -- I too like that seam detail. This is a gorgeous color for you!

  2. Love your red version, Martha!

  3. Hi Martha You will enjoy wearing your Quincy top! Thank you for the nice comments on my jackets and my blog.