Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Projects

Corduroy skirt for DGD1

Hem ruffle

Inspired by sewing buddy Rena in my ASG neighborhood group, I made this simple pull-on skirt from my grandgirl. It is the same light-weight corduroy as her younger cousins dress. It's always a bit challenging to make something for DGD1 as she lives so far away. I hope it fits!
Odd quilted bag


Then there is this odd little quilted bag. I needed to practice some free-motion quilting in preparation to quilt a huge quilt of mine. I had fun messing around with little quilt sandwiches and even sort-of like the quilting that results. BUT then I could not just throw away all these little practice sandwiches. I bound the lower top edge, stitched the sides together, added more binding, loops and a corded strap. Quick and fun.
BTW, I decided against free-motion quilting on a huge quilt. I can just imagine my shoulders up around my ears, my mouth pinched, my eyebrows knitted together. Not really too fun. I just strapped on my walking foot and did the huge quilt that way.

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