Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home Dec. Oh, My.

Home decoration is my least favorite sewing activity. It's obvious in my home. Many rooms with no curtains at all. Upholstered furniture in dire need of recovering. PK our old kitty was the excuse for ignoring all of this. Alas, she died a week ago at age 19. :(

A few days ago I headed out to a sad event, a visitation prior to the funeral for a sweet quilting friend who had been fighting cancer for a number of years. A wonderfully creative sewer. Such a loss. She leaves a legacy though - the Storybook Quilts project. That's really something, I think.

Anyway I grabbed my go-to jacket for such occasions - a royal blue and black silk matka one made from a Shirley Adams pattern. It wasn't my all-time favorite jacket ever, but it was easy to grab and go, especially over basic black. As I drove home, I glanced over at it in the car seat beside me. Lo, and behold, the sleeves were two entirely different colors. The one hanging nearest the window in the closet was decidedly lighter. And ugly.

Then I began to think about all of the other garments hanging in the brightly lit closet. Ones I put even more time into constructing. How much other fading has occurred? Well, I'm not going to check. Instead I covered the offending window. 

I have had this interesting little piece of home dec cotton in my stash a while. A border print with wild flowers on one selvage, then black and white wavy stripes out to the other selvage. I did not buy enough for a real home dec project. (whew) but it worked great for this space.

DH obligingly mounted the hardware and it went together quickly. I lined it with blackout fabric from the big box store. Amazingly satisfying.


  1. That is really a cute story Martha - thanks! Such a shame to cover up beautiful sunshine in a closet, but I certainly understand and I love the fabric!:)

  2. How frustrating to realise its done that to your clothes - but as Fran said such a lovely window - still sorted now.