Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pattern-less Sewing

Having been in a bit of a sewing funk, I decided to make something simple, something that allows me to just enjoy the fabric, enjoy the process, enjoy the day.

This is an easy dress for DGD1 who just turned 8. I used elastic thread - really just elastic thin enough to fit in the bobbin - to shirr one edge of the fabric which is 60 inches wide.

 I used Pam Howard's felling technique to finish the hem. So simple. So neat.

 And I added a label as I usually do for DGK projects.

 And then the straps,

 which are easy bias tubes with some craft beads on the ends.

 And I added some elastic to my CLD one-seams that are really just a muslin. A muslin I cannot seem to leave alone.

So satisfying to finish something.

1 comment:

  1. thats a really sweet dress - I bet she loves it. We all need nice quick and easy projects - I really want to run up a quick top tonight, but forced myself to continue with my Chanel jacket (so I know just how you feel)