Friday, June 22, 2012

Natural Fiber Contest at PR

TBP - my entry in PR contest
What a week!

This is my fourth year of Camp Sew N Sew at my church where several of us sewing enthusiasts introduce middle and high school kids to sewing. Today was the last day of camp for 2012. I am totally jazzed and also exhausted. More on that in a future post though...

I actually tied for second place in the Pattern Review natural fiber project contest! Wahoo! I am so excited!!! Can you tell by all the exclamation marks?!!

I entered my version of the Cutting Line Design *The Blouse Perfected.* It was already my favorite shirt. Now it's my BFF. More pictures are here. Thanks to Louise Cutting for what is truly The Blouse Perfected. I learned so much making it.

1st Place: Burda Design with Color Block
First place was won by Marina of Frabjous Couture. Wow - what a beautiful dress she made for the contest. Hers is a Burda design with added color blocks (curved, no less!) made in linen. Lovely.

I tied for second place with hpsauce (PR moniker) of Island Couture. She used a McCalls pattern to make this very hip leather jacket. I would not have thought of using leather for this contest. But it sure is natural, isn't it? Fab, right?

Tied for 2nd place: McCalls pattern
And there were so many other wonderful garments made of natural fibers submitted for this contest. Follow the PR link to see more.

My prize is a new iron. Maybe I'll donate my old iron to Camp Sew N Sew. And the sewing circle continues.

Thanks to all who supported me. Aren't sewing friends the best?


  1. Congratulations, Martha! I KNEW that beautiful striped shirt would bring you glory!

  2. CONGRATS, Martha! It's a beautiful shirt!

  3. Congratulations, Martha. Your shirt is just perfect!

  4. Big Congrats Martha! You deserved it :) And enjoy your new iron! I don't know what you have, but I love my Reliable :)

  5. Congratulations well deserved

  6. Congratulations well deserved

  7. Congratulations on your win! Lovely shirt.