Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still learning

After a half century of sewing it still happens. Often when I least expect it.

Take vogue 8793 for example. This slightly funky T is almost universally loved on PR. And with good reason:

  • Nice fit
  • Clever double collar
  • Artful opportunities
  • Simple clear instructions

Still I found it to be one of those learning opportunities. So what did I learn?

Choose compatible knits - compatible in weight but also value. My collar pieces are too heavy for the body. Even the color values are wrong I think.

I will make it again. It's cute. I like it.
Hot pink zipper detail


  1. I too have this pattern (still to make), however despite the fact its not turned how you expected it looks good in the photos

  2. I think how you have used the 2 different fabrics gives your top a great layered look.

  3. As one of those who just loves this pattern, I'm glad you'll make it again - I struggled a bit with the collar construction, but your construction looks PERfect!

    I do agree with your assessment of the fabric combo though - I think it's way better than just wearable, but I also think you can do something you'll like better.

    My 2 have been in such heavy rotation I really should make a third!

  4. Martha, I really like this top. But when I looked for Vogue 8693 I found a Marcy Tilton Misses Jacket. Would you please check the pattern # for me? Thanks!


    1. Anne - so sorry. clumsy fingers. Vogue 8793. Corrected in text too. Thanks for letting me know.

    2. Of course! I should have known, but I did not see the zipper detail at the collar. I'm so eager to make that pattern, but I haven't been able to lay my hands on the zipper I want. It hardly seems practical to order one zipper. BTW I bought some of the same elephant knit from it!

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