Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday's Silk Piece

Class with Hellenne continues - what fun!

This is another piece from the silk crepe de chine bolt, about 48 inches by 14 inches.
Free form large brush application, using mostly blue, some yellow and a drop of black in one spot.
Then salt.
Then yellow tinted corn syrup.
The salt drifted toward to the middle, creating flash effects.
The corn syrup pushes dark colors away, creating another organic look.

Next week I'll learn a bit about soy wax. Such an addictive hobby. 


  1. That is just so gorgeous. It reminds me of those painting we used to make as children where you daub blobs of paint on paper, then fold it over and squish it out into a symmetrical pattern. Except obviously this is WAY more master-ful. Love it!

  2. Silk painting is addictive - are you planning to make anything from these beautiful lengths?

  3. I love your creativity. What will you make from this lovely fabric?