Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vogue 8982 view D

Vogue 8982 continues to be a source of great fun for me. I made the knit version of the jacket (view A), sleeveless as a vest, first. I enjoy that one - so cozy, so warm. And it was such a pleasure to make that I needed to try another view.

View D is the jacket version for woven fabrics. The oddly shaped back piece seems to be the only intersection between the various views. The fronts, side backs, and sleeves are different for each view. The back is shaped like an exaggerated letter A, narrow at the top.

Interestingly, for view D only, it was supposed to be cut with the straight of grain across the back, rather than down the back. I am sad that I failed to study the layout before cutting into my fabric. This fabric would have benefited from such a layout.

The fabric is wonderfully comfortable and I really like the colors. It contains white, black and blue threads, a 100% cotton jacquard weave, soft and fairly loosely woven. Hard to match. I'll say no more about that.

I used some 3/4 inch silver buttons - old nickels. I really find those old buttons appealing.

Old nickel buttons, down the front, and one on the back
A little sleeve vent takes it up a notch
I am still enjoying this pattern, so next I'll try view E which is the woven version of the undershirt/vest. Hoping the stash yields something that will nestle under this jacquard jacket.
Piped the seams with black and white checked silk taffeta


  1. This fabric is GORGEOUS! I love the jacket. All of the details are perfect!!!

  2. So, so pretty! I love how this jacket's shape so much! As always, you've done a wonderful job!

  3. I just received this pattern in the mail (recent BMV sale) and am anxious to sew it up. Thanks for all your tips on your very beautiful jacket.


  4. I would love to see a close up of the buttons. I got a doming block for Christmas (it was on my wishlist) and I am planning on making buttons with it, so would love to see what yours look like.

    I passed by this pattern until I saw what you have made. Very tempting, but I am on a pattern and fabric diet this year. Must. Sew, From, The. Stash.

  5. That is one gorgeous jacket, Martha!

  6. Such wonderful details. Love the piping.

  7. Martha, that is beautiful. This is a lovely pattern that I will definitely be trying soon. Such a nice drafting that is edgy yet still refined and beautifully shaped. Fabric is beautiful as well. I love your liberty shirts -- haven't made one for a while but did just moderate a sewing class at our local shop where four new ladies became converts to liberty shirts!!

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  9. Gosh, that's gorgeous Martha! I really love the stripe accent. It is so perfect!