Friday, March 14, 2014

Expo plus ACC Show!

Inspiration overload today...

CLD booth

Yesterday I attended the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Atlanta. It is a combination of education, inspiration, and, of course, shopping. There were so many things I discovered that I needed. You know what I mean.

I did resist the gorgeous pieces at left. Love that combination of colors. Hate it on me.

Yes, there were way more quilting vendors than those geared to garment sewists. And it seemed that there were fewer vendors. But the few there make the trip totally worthwhile.

And I do love some quilty eye candy (below).
Large installation by Marlene Glickman

My trip to Expo included Louise Cutting's booth with so many alluring bolts of fabrics, all placed in an tasteful and even artful arrangement. She had an interesting piece of Japanese cotton that I believe was sashiko stitched by machine. The background is cream and the stitching parallels the selvage in black cotton. Now I do love sashiko and though I have no interest in creating sashiko that way, I thought the piece would be fun to use for embroidery experimentation. Maybe it accent some upcoming piece, like a vest.

More fabulousness at CLD booth

Louise wearing (A New Dimension) and holding some of her exquisite Japanese cottons
Also inspiring was a fashion show narrated jointly by Louise Cutting and Linda Lee. Linda Lee had made interesting use of some of the older Sewing Workshop patterns including the very first one I ever tried - the cocoon coat. Louise's ensembles were in that casual spring-like Florida styling that is her signature.
Cutting Line Design Samples

THE highlight was getting to see and visit with old and new friends. These are my people. It always reminds me of the first expo I attended. I was not a member of any sewing group at that time, just doing my career-kids thing mostly. My sewing was solitary and almost secretive. But here they all were - my people, my tribe. And each year I get to see some of them at this event.

Today I attended the American Craft Council show in Atlanta. This is always a treat. It features quite a bit of fiber-based art, but then I love most forms of *craft* art.
Wool coat, ACC show. Love the obi-inspired *belt*

So Marcy-Tilton-like.

ACC continues to show more and more fiber art, it seems. There were several wonderful Atlanta-based artists, whose work I have admired in other settings - Karen Tunnel and Lucinda Carlstrom.  And there was quite a bit of wearable art.

Architectural necklaces enhance the B&W theme here

Danielle Gori Montanelli cheerful precision wool felt jewelry

This coat reminds me of Vogue 8934, another Marcy Tilton design
More on the ACC show here.


  1. Thanks for that report, Martha! I don't know all that much about this show.

  2. ah, envy overload! So happy for that you got to commune with these folks, so inspiring...

  3. Thanks for the photos! I so love these type of shows--and all Louise's "stuff."

  4. I've been PROMISED I can go to the Atlanta Expo next year....It's always so good to, as you said, hang with the 'tribe'. ;-)

  5. Wow, what wonderful inspiration. So many great pieces. You must be on overload!

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