Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tunic Discovery

As we approach Columbus Day, I think it only fitting to say that I discovered Butterick 5925. Today, in fact.

But - you may say - there are at least 7 reviews of this on Pattern Review. And Katherine Tilton, who designed it, has several versions on her blog. If you google Butterick 5925 images, then even more fabulous versions show up.

My very first Butterick 5925 happened today. What a fun one-day project. It reminds me a little of the newest pattern from Marcy Tilton that is now winging its way to my house - Vogue 9057. But it's different too.

And to think, I used to be such a Vogue snob. Katherine Tilton has definitely raised the level of my expectation from Butterick.

This one has a twisted collar, as well as pocket bands that are twisted. I chose to do something different with the collar, but really enjoyed making the pockets. The twist creates almost a pleated effect.

For the neckline, I decided to create a quasi-V-neck. I kept the curved back of the neckline, but cut straight from the shoulder seam to the center front to create a V. I kept the width of the twisted collar but inserted it in the usual manner for a V. It stands away from my neck just a bit which I like.

I worried that the neck would be too preppy for me, but the width gives it another look. I think. I hope.

I made no other changes. The pattern includes godets on the side along with the interesting (and deep!) pockets. The godets provide the dip in the hem at the sides. It seems to fit great. Of course the fit only matters through the shoulders, bust, and arms, but I'm relieved anyway.

And the fabric is just delicious. It is a French rayon jersey from Sawyer Brook, called Street Fair. This fabric is wild with color, all brights. It makes me smile to see it.

It was relatively easy to cut, sew and press. Almost no rolling when I was cutting and sewing. I did some double stitching at the sleeve hems, as well as the shirt hem. The top-stitching doesn't show much with all that color. So I'm OK that my stitching was less than perfect.

Like the really good rayon knit that it is, the hand of the fabric is buttery, and the drape is just right for this pattern.

I'll be reaching for this tunic quite a lot, I think.


  1. Yes, I can see overusing this tunic as it has so many beautiful colors and it looks so comfy!

  2. Love the colors! I have this pattern (two copies, in fact), and don't really remember buying either of them. I really should sew one up, but my sewing mojo hasn't been around lately. One of these days!!

  3. Love what you did with this fabulous print! I've made this tunic and really like it. The fit around the neckline, armholes and bust is good, then it flares out and covers all the rest. I like what you did with the neckline. It will be a bit warmer than the original neckline. This will be a really nice casual look for you!

  4. That's really nice, Martha. I especially love that v-neckline with the bold band.