Monday, October 13, 2014

Vogue 1414 Day 1

Today I finally cut into a piece of men's shirting I purchased when I visited Rome last fall. Pretty fabric and great travel memories - I love that combination.

Finding and shopping in a fabric store was quite an adventure. As it happened, one of the fabric stores I had found on the Internet, Fratelli Bassetti, was a short walk from the Pantheon. And it was very easy to find, except that the storefront was so unassuming. You climb stairs to the level above the street level. And then, oh, my.

Street Level

One room was full of men's shirting. One was full of men's suiting while another focused on women's suiting. And there was an entire room of silk. My son took this picture of his wife, Laura, and me discussing my interests (and budget!) with this charming salesman.

It was a little nerve-wracking to shop there because they spoke just a little English and I speak no Italian. Nevertheless, they were gracious and helpful.

I purchased two pieces in the end - black and white cotton shirting and a piece of the silk charmeuse you can see in the above photo.

Here is the shirting for Vogue 1414.

I understand that this week's Project Runway features the final contestants visiting Rome for inspiration. I hope they visit this wonderful shop!


  1. Ok, this is too uncanny. Just today I looked up this pattern for a customer who is making it with a silk from Sawyer Brook. Great minds think alike!
    I love the pattern! That ruffle in the front isn't too much of a ruffle, but it adds so much to the style. I'm sure it will look perfect in the fabric you purchased in Italy. Your shopping experience there sounds like a good memory!

  2. This looks like a great pattern. Eager to see your progress!