Monday, October 19, 2015

Very very easy Vogue 9063 - version 2

The fabric is the focus this time. Even the scraps make me happy. I believe that this is Thai Ikat silk. Purchased from Linda Lee at The Sewing Workshop, the blue piece came to me whole. That is, it was a length of fabric sewn into a tube, perhaps to be belted and worn as a skirt. The reds are scraps from Linda's scrap bins. All delicious IMO.

Vogue 9063 is the perfect pattern for interesting fabric, I think.

The back had to be pieced so I covered the seam with a bias strip. I left the finished selvage for the hem but may hem it shorter.

The sleeves had to be pieced too. I just love these colors!

The Ikat pattern seems to glow. The selvages are wide and distinctive. See the pattern transition to solid blue.

And of course I added just a little sashiko to the neckline. Just little red dots, really

The pattern includes an A line skirt and fitted pants, neither of which is interesting to me. But what a great pattern for a beginner! I'm wondering if a third version is in me. This is when sewing is so very satisfying.


  1. Gorgeous! I'm going back to this pattern, thx for sharing!

  2. Your top is so luxurious looking in those jewel colours - lovely

  3. gorgeous and I love your new haircut! Drat, I just missed Hancock's Vogue pattern sale - marking it for the next one!

  4. Beautiful, Martha. And so rich looking!

  5. I have an older silk dress that seems to want to become this tunic - probably with a few silk additions that I hope I can find in NY - I can't tell how tall you are but it looks wonderful and seems to be a good length. I am just under 5'3" - would you recommend shortening the pattern? (Headed to Hancocks for the Vogue pattern sale later this week

  6. WOW! That is stunning, it has such a luxurious feel. xxx