Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wee quilt for wee grandson

Who arrived 5+ weeks early. Still in NICU. 

Crib entertainment
Pieced, appliqué, embroidery


  1. Oh, that's really eyecatching and beautifully contrasting. Love the red accents. Prayers for your DGrandson .. God bless him with fight. He was pretty anxious to come into the world, wasn't he? My first was born 2 mos early in a rather primitive foreign country clinic to this very innocent, inexperienced, ignorant, naive Mom. I didn't know enough to be petrified then.. only in looking back at now do I/we realize how blessed we were that all turned out beautifully as we surely had hurdles to surmount. But then, I only knew this was my son I adored and took one day at a time.

    He was like a little floppy skinned chicken. He weighed 4lbs 10oz when they released him. Yikes .. his ears were still partially inside, no complete fingernails or toenails, long black hair to his shoulders and preNatal black hair still down the middle of his arms.. His lungs were not totally developed and he was too weak to nurse, so milk/dairy products produced disabling congestion, but no one told me that. I can still remember being petrified, gently shaking him a time or two when I thought he wasn't breathing during a feeding, but he was struggling due to the formula phlegm. When we realized the problem, thereafter he was raised on diluted apple juice and honey water. 40 years later, he's just wonderful .. never looked back, thank God... He was so good to this stumbling novice, and I'm so grateful.

    I'm adding your new darling to my prayers .. God give him a spirit of no quit, fight and wonderful, steady growth for a very happy 'welcome home' day soon. The neonatal advances today are astounding, light years from my primitive situation, and make a huge difference for preemies resulting in wonderfully robust health. You hang in there .. and keep praying.


  2. Wow, babies love black and white and some day can be worked into a larger quilt or framed. Beautiful work.

  3. Wonderful quilt! Best wishes to you and your new grandson!

  4. Fabulous quilt! Best wishes for your grandson...