Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Station 8, Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem, is a quilt. I used fabric that was tea and rust dyed, as well as commercial fabrics. Quilts are typically bound on the edges but this piece is faced to keep the focus on the cross. Most of it is sewn on a sewing machine but there is some hand-stitching.

This station is based on Luke 23:28-31. It is a difficult passage, fitting into the sad narrative of the stations. Jesus is disappointed in the women who, like the disciples, do not understand the meaning of his life and approaching death. He says, "Weep not for me; weep for yourselves."

I depicted two (or three?) women, perhaps with Christ, carrying the cross. I purposely left it a bit ambiguous. There are shadows of other women in the quilted background. I think of them as the women who came before Christ, as well as those of us who have come after Christ. 

I still do not understand the meaning of Christ's life and death but this project has brought me closer. 


  1. Beautiful - and so peaceful.

  2. This piece is very thoughtful and contemplative. It captures the difficulty of confronting the sadness of life and the unknown, while at the same time there is life and light and real beauty. I'm especially drawn to the blues of the women's robes, they remind me of the indigo robes worn by some members of the Tuareg tribe in the Sahara desert. Again, such a dark color but at the same time it glows.
    Thank you for sharing such an intimate piece with us!

  3. Thank you for this share-I love the quilted piece.