Sunday, March 13, 2016

Expo 2016

The Sewing Workshop Fashion show

Alex in the new Fillmore Duster introduces her mother, Linda Lee.
Linda wore orange Helix pants and the Tremont jacket, seen in photo above and those that follow.

Models included this family - three generations:

Grandmother in cityscapes dress

Granddaughter in peony vest, plaza pants

Mother in eJacket and eDress

Soho coat

Florence shirt, eTee, Quincy pants

Chicago jacket, Trio t-shirt
Ikina jacket, mimosa top
New cityscapes dress (updated)

Student model in Pearl jacket or Ann's cardigan

Katrina in salsa top and eskirt

Student model in Ivy top

Student model in Balboa topper

Katrina in corona shirt and west end pants

Trio top, Trio T-shirt, Trio pants 
Era jacket , plaza pants

Icon vest over Icon shirt
Laura Murray was sporting this inspiring jacket - great details to add to any jacket. She purchased it at a craft show.

My last class was with Joe of Fashion Supplies, Inc., vendor for European dress forms. Joe was demonstrating draping and converting the draped pattern into a flat pattern. Excellent class. And, yes, I bought a dress form from him. I cannot wait to receive it!

I still love going to Expo. I hope you have something similar in your sewing world.

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  1. I have so enjoyed everyone's Expo posts! Hoping I can get there next year...I've missed it too long!