Monday, June 27, 2016

Bag Lady

Inspired by Mary and Susan, I've just completed 3 little bags, pocket bags really.

Ready for the next sewing workshop

Just a lined pocket with its own pocket and a strap. 

Another pocket bag. When I don't want a real purse.

Here is Mary's version. I really like the way she attached the handles:

And here is Susan's version. I like her screen print a lot.

Guess I am a bag lady.


  1. Cute! Your description is just right-a pocket with its own pocket and a strap. I used mine on a short walk, and found that the leather strap was not flexible enough. Cord or fabric is what I will use on the next. Can you tell me about the last photo?

    1. Thanks, Mary! The last photo contains paper bags that I decorated for my church. We are signed up to deliver lunch to street kids around Atlanta. I am not sure how it all works but the kids are especially hungry during the summer without school lunches. Our art group was asked to decorate the bags. It was a fun little project.

  2. I love the idea of decorated lunch bags! They are so cute I bet some of those kids will hold on to theirs. (And your sewn bags are adorable, too!)

  3. Hi, Martha. Finally got a chance to stop by. As usual, you're doing such fun and impeccable work. Adorable bags, and I LUV the vest in the previous post. Looks like you're having a very creative summer! Enjoyed the visit!
    best, nadia