Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Memphis Fun

A new pattern is almost always a salivating experience for me. It must be that way for some people who enjoy jigsaw puzzles. It's never quite as much fun the second time around though.

The new Memphis dress from the Sewing Workshop was intriguing and a fun make. This one is a sort of wearable muslin. Since knit is required, muslin cannot be used, of course. So I used remnants of ponte in my stash.

I started with this purple remnant. I had just enough to test the bodice of the Medium. I could see that I'd need to take it in at the shoulders just a smidge. The pattern does not really fit anywhere else so I proceeded with the wearable version.

As with so many of these assymetrical patterns, almost every piece required cutting in a single layer. The exceptions were the sleeves and the back yoke. As you can see, I did not have enough of my remnants to cut out full length sleeves. That's OK anyway because warm weather is headed my way.

The pattern is designed with a forward shoulder.
The pieces came together flawlessly. This is no surprise - Sewing Workshop patterns are always beautifully drafted and the instructions are thorough. There was one grain line missing from one of the lower bands but it was easy to determine, based on the suggested pattern layout.

I tested it as a tunic before attaching the lower bands. Not too bad.

My two fabrics are both ponte knit but the black one is slightly heavier and more stable. I think this will cause the dress to grow. That may be a problem. I can always remove the lower bands and go with the tunic idea.

I have enough of a poly knit that may be worth trying next. But then I don't wear dresses. Much. Each time I make a dress, I think, maybe this time. I am the eternal optimist when it comes to sewing. Are you too?


  1. Love it! You do such beautiful work. Always!

  2. Looks great as a tunic with the black pants! I don't wear dresses either, but this style is tempting.

  3. I always love your little 'label' appliqués at the back.

  4. Your version with colorblocking shows the lines better than the solids. Are there shorten lines on this dress? I saw Linda wearing a muted plaid version of this dress at the Atlanta Expo and thought it swallowed her. I'm smaller than she is so I was leary of how it would look on me. I made two of their Tosca dresses, shortened that pattern 10" and raised the armhole several inches, no small feat given how the front and back are each one piece, not placed on the fold. I also eliminated all the pockets. That way, I wear the dress, not the other way around.

    1. I'll check the pattern for lengthen-shorten lines. I'm thinking it will be easy to reduce the depth of the lower bands. That might be enough.I thought Linda looked chic in her version but I do think I'll find it more wearable if it's a little shorter.

  5. When it comes to dresses, I make them, like them, don't wear them! I don't know why. I will wear tops and skirts in summer, occasionally in winter. I keep wondering whether to go on a trousers fast to jump start dress- wearing. Dresses are so comfortable. I love your new TSW one. Hope you get to wear it often!