Thursday, March 16, 2017

red pants

Some days I need red pants. Literally and metaphorically.

The shirt here is a Very Easy Vogue, I think, and the fabric is two pieces of Thai silk from Linda Lee (TSW)

So I made these - Cutting Line Designs one-seam pants in medium weight wool, lined with rayon Ambiance. Just right for our recent return to winter.

The shirt is a pattern from Cutting Line Designs. Looking at this picture, I'm thinking of taking some length off the back. The fabric is a lovely Japanese cotton in a very interesting weave.
Wool is a great fabric, can be almost a 4 season fabric. These are not though. They are thick enough to feel good when there is a cold wind. And there is.

The one-seam elastic waistline is always fun to finish. After stitching, you hit it with some steam and watch it relax into folds.

So are you in need of some red pants? You might be.


  1. Pretty! I've often wondered about the one-seam pants. I know Cutting updated them a few years ago. How's the fit, ease of wearing? Thks.

    1. Thanks, Coco! I find the fit is good for me and they are super comfortable. These are called the tapered one-seams. The standard one-seams are quite full on me.

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