Friday, March 9, 2018

I saw it in the window

and just couldn't resist(*).

Recently I spotted some linen curtains at a consignment shop. They are a color I like and I knew I'd have fun cutting them up to make clothes. And I have - Quincy pants, Stafford jacket (as a vest), and MixIt top. These are all patterns from the Sewing Workshop, of course.
First I made the Quincy pants and added a fun detail to the hems. We were on our way to Havana where the weather was just right for linen pants. I am still playing with the hem detail, trying to get the length just right. These are elastic-waist pants with a narrow leg that I like a lot.

The Stafford jacket is the latest pattern published by the Sewing Workshop. There is a sew-along underway on Facebook right now. Over the years, I have always enjoyed making Sewing Workshop patterns. The details are interesting and the instructions are just right. This was no exception. I hesitated a half-minute because it is quite a boxy looking jacket. And the sleeves seem a bit wide and are right at elbow length. This elbow length sleeve is also found in their previous release, the Frankie. I knew from the Frankie I would prefer longer sleeves, or in this case, no sleeves at all.
I finished the armholes with self-bias binding.

I used a 30 weight Coats and Clark cotton-covered poly for my top-stitching. My machine was not in love with that thread, but it worked.

You can just barely see the collar band in the picture above. The collar band and collar are different from any I've made. The collar band gradually tapers to nothing as it approaches the shoulder line.

I really like those faux chest pockets, as well as the real in seam pockets.

Flaps on the faux chest pockets. Fun detail: buttons that were a little party favor when I attended Sew Kansas. You cannot read it but it reads Sewing Workshop around the outer circle.
The Stafford has no side seam so the in-seam pockets sit slightly forward. I appreciate this because I find it awkward to reach back to the side seam for the pocket.

One easy change was to lengthen the Stafford by 8 inches. I think I'll wear it more than I would a short jacket. I know that the current style calls for layers showing near the hips, but I don't think it does me any favors. It is cute on the models at the Sewing Workshop though!

I made one additional change to the Stafford. The yoke attaches to the back with a small group of gathers at center back. Instead of gathers, I created an inverted pleat. The Stafford is chocked full of top-stitching opportunities and so I added some to the back pleat too.

Next I made my favorite version of the MixIt top out of the remaining linen fabric. I like to make a facing that is part of the design. Instead of flipping to the inside, it flips to the outside and is top-stitched.

This was quick and easy but I know I'll use it as a layering piece. I do not anticipate wearing any of these three garments together (aren't you relieved!?!) but I'm hoping they will fill holes in my wardrobe. Solid colored linen is great for that.

*You may recognize this line from Carol Burnett's classic sketch Went With The Wind. If you haven't seen it in a while, I recommend it for some good laughs.


  1. Brilliant! Love the topper/jacket. A good grey is so useful; I’m sure these will all get tons of wear.

  2. That is so impressive, no one would ever know!

  3. Wow--I certainly did not see this potential in that jacket pattern! Looks terrific on you.

  4. As always, you do a great job styling Sewing Workshop patterns. I'm not sure the short jacket length looks good on anyone, so I agree the longer length is much better.

  5. Your sleeveless modified jacket thingee is the best thing I’ve seen all night- and I spend a good 6 hours surfing mostly patterns and sewing blogs nightly on this job. I want one!

  6. These are fabulous separates that will see a lot of wear. I wish I would run across some linen drapes somewhere, what a great find. All your changes are changes for the better, IMO. It makes the jacket much more sleek and sophisticated looking.

  7. New to your blog (and a beginner sewist) your work is very impressive and that outside facing idea is one worth stealing! As is the idea of repurposing those drapes.

  8. Love the Stafford and the Mixit and am just ordering the patterns, so thank you for sharing your makes and I love the bargain fabric, what a find.

  9. Oh, how you inspire me! These pieces are wonderful. Thank you for sharing all this with us!

  10. Love your 'makes'. Great idea. And again - I love the stafford vest and the length. I'm thinking I might add length to my next one.

  11. Once again you have inspired me! I passed by the Stafford Jacket patter...but you have shown me he light of possibility! Love your "curtain" wearables! Would you share the. Are of the pants pattern?

    1. The pants pattern is the Quincy from the Sewing Workshop. Here is a link to more info on that pattern:
      It's a good basic.

  12. I'm dreaming of sewing linen in anticipation of summer - you've given me some great ideas. Lovely pieces all of them

  13. Have to agree with the comments. Your changes and highlights of the pattern make me want to purchase it. As always your sewing skills and designs are impressive.

  14. I love using material. I recently stopped myself from taking some long dresses to the thrift shop because it occured to me that I could make tops from them. One is cut out and ready to sew, the other is in the works. I have used bed sheets to cover furniture pillows and a full skirt dress from the 50 to make a beautiful, very large bag to carry my crochet supplies but I have not used curtains. Next time I am at Marshall's or Bed, Bath, and Beyond I will be alert for suitable material for another project. Thanks for the idea.