Thursday, May 25, 2023


It's all about the fabric. That's what Mama always said. And Mama was right.

This fabric came from Spoonflower. I needed it after a friend told me his wife put up Ruth Bader *Ginsbird* wallpaper in their guest bath during COVID lockdowns. Well, of course, I had to have it in fabric. So I ordered it in their Petal Signature Cotton - one yard in the huge print, and one yard in the small print.

It's been sitting in stash ever since. First of all, there is the fabric. It's stiff. It has no drape. But it's so danged cute. So yesterday I pulled both pieces out, determined to *make something.* I like making stuff. It gives flow to my life.

After auditioning a few patterns with potential, I chose the ever simple and easy Eureka top from the Sewing Workshop. For some reason, it was marketed as a pattern for knits but it makes up equally well in woven, even stiff, tight woven fabric.

There are essentially two pattern pieces - the front and the back. The shoulders extend into the look of a cap sleeve, something I like for summer. Yeah, yeah, I know. My arms are not what they used to be. But they are still doing what needs to be done and I'm grateful. Also it's hot in the summer where I live.

I cut the hem off straight and made the back a little longer than the front. This pattern runs a little short, I think, so this one is lengthened about 5 inches.

I found a quilt cotton remnant in stash with a gray and black pattern to use for the bias binding on the neckline and the sleeve hems. The quilt cotton is quite soft and drapey compared to this RBG fabric! 

Of course, I had to add a little patch at the back neckline and a single pocket in the front for a tissue. And I omitted the sleeve cuffs. 

Given the nature of the fabric, I chose to do everything by machine. I decided it would be fool-hardy and not zen to hand sew anything on this fabric.

I thought it might look like sandwich board in the end, but I think not. I quite like it and I am going to wear it.

Today I'm wearing it with pants I made a few days ago from a mystery black remnant in stash. I think it's rayon. These are the Urban pants (also a Sewing Workshop pattern), but without the front vent. I simply continued the center front seam to the hem.

The Urban pants are another summertime staple for me. I have made them shorter than the original for more of a cropped length. Because of the straight lines, they would work for shorts too. 

They are basically what Louise Cutting calls One Seam pants with an added center front seam. The CF seam is strictly a style element, adding nothing to the shape or fit. But it means they can be cut from more narrow pieces than the One Seams. 

And they have the Sewing Workshop signature flat front with elastic sides and back. So comfortable.

Summer is the time for simple, loose, fun clothes, I think. Off to dig in stash again.


  1. What great placement of the design on this shirt! It really shows off the fabric well.

  2. Love the top and the pants! Perfect!

  3. I love the look you've created! I'm 74 and love V necks, short and sleeveless dresses and blouses in the summer because I don't tolerate the heat and humidity. In a nutshell, why should I (we women of certain ages) apologize for our necks, arms or legs??! Just sayin' 😁 Debby

  4. You look beautiful in your new outfit. It is gorgeous.

  5. I love the fabric and the top you have created. You look great in it. Jean

  6. I love that Ginsbird top on you!
    A work of art. So much fun.

  7. Love your top so much. Very inspiring. Must make something from that amazing fabric. Love the scale of the large print.