Monday, January 24, 2011

Olive Top continued

Work on my first Olive top is suspended, maybe indefinitely. I'm thinking it will be a cool top for my petite pregnant daughter. But will she wear it? I think it will look great on her with black leggings.

It's not so cute on a *mature* figure but I'm still working that angle too. This particular size S is definitely for DD, not me. I used black silk knit for the sleeves and they feel yummy. It's an odd pattern. I wasn't expecting it to be so form-fitting.

Given my funky fabric, I had to do something different with the neckline as well as the back. I'm fairly pleased with both. And of course there is no point in trying to do anything with the hem. It has to be left raw - otherwise the fun of the fabric is lost. So maybe this version is complete.

I've decided there may be more to this pattern than I first imagined. The angled seams are interesting. I've now made an official muslin - out of cheap interlock knit. I've moved up to a size M-L but I think it is still too closely cut for my figure. It's pretty snug on my dress form and she is much more toned than I am.

Maybe it's time to try a different pattern. But isn't the hemline fun?

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