Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Verona Coat - (S) curves ahead!

These serpentine curves are some of the most extreme I've ever sewn. And they are simply an interesting detail on the interior of an otherwise staid coat - the Sewing Workshop's Verona Coat. The S curve is used where the front facing is sewn to the lining. I think the key is stay-stitch and clipping in the right places. I start by stay-stitching each piece about 1-2 threads away from the 5/8 inch seam line. Then I clip only the convex curves (valleys) on each side. The pattern included 2 notches on each side, which helped line things up. But with careful stay-stitching and clipping, it just melts together and sews like a dream. Of course, I have to sew slowly and remove pins as I approach them. The light-weight wool and Ambiance lining are pretty thin so I have to control my speed over or near the pins.


  1. I saw this great looking coat on Pattern Review and found your blog - thanks for all the details!

  2. Thank you for this! I am eyeing this pattern for some yummy Italian woven cotton wool blend and loved the lines. I enjoyed your great review of this pattern both with the vest and now the coat. I was surprised that there wasn't more reviews on this SW pattern too.