Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Blouse Perfected - In Progress

Back yoke - added that 60's loop thing
Inside back yoke - added a Prairie point
My version of CLD's The Blouse Perfected (TBP) is now moving in a direction that seems right. I'm using a cotton stripe purchased at Louise's booth at Expo in Atlanta.

My first day on this was a bit frustrating. I had not really thought about the stripe much. It is of course both a challenge and a great design opportunity. Stripes present so many possibilities.

But I was brain-dead evidently when I cut it out. I followed the grain lines on the pattern tissue which would be great for anything but a stripe. So after completing the cool lined yoke and making a mess of the collar band, I realized I would not be happy with either even if I managed to resurrect the collar stand. I also realized that the fabric is sheer enough so that the self-lining on the yoke shows through.

So I recut each. I followed Ann Rowley's suggestion on Artisan's Square and cut the yoke so that the stripes (and the grain) run parallel to the front seam. This means the back yoke is chevroned. I used a solid white cotton batiste as the yoke lining.

I recut the collar band in the same way by adding a seam allowance to the fold line for the original band tissue. So it also produces a different chevron. I used the same cotton batiste the line the collar band. I had already decided to omit the collar since it already feels like summer here.

Now I'm auditioning buttons. I think I need to go to Gail K and buy some. I love the buffalo nickles but don't have enough of them. I doubt Gail K will have that. I wonder if there is an online source.

Suggestions welcome!


  1. Martha, I really like the square buttons. I can't tell what they are made of or the color, but the shape is really nice with the shirt.

  2. I agree with Janis - the square buttons look great with the stripes.
    This is a very nice looking shirt, and you've done a wonderful job on it. I like the little details you've added!

  3. Martha, I love your prairie point -- such a nice design element. And I love the square buttons!

  4. I love the prairie point too! I was wanting something to use since I don't have my own labels so hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea. They would look great in my hand-dyed fabrics.

    BTW the loop thingy on the shirt back was so you could hang it on a hook. Better than dropping it on the floor!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion on buttons. Sadly I cannot use any of these buttons as I don't have enough. Louisa, you are more than welcome to add prairie points to your pieces too. I probably borrowed it from someone else. Martha