Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Travel Wardrobe

Recently I've enjoyed reading several blogs on the subject of travel wardrobes. This has made me more deliberate in planning my upcoming trip to the NE to visit DS and family.

So here is what I have. Once I start packing my smallish suitcase, it may be pruned some, especially since I hope to bring my Singer featherweight :))

Unusual for us when we visit the kids and the grandkids, we may do something a bit more dressy on this trip - a trip to the Boston Symphony. My go-to dressy ensemble includes the High Five Jacket from Shapes in a sheer black fabric with some shiny texture, plus the CLD Hearts A Flutter Shell and TSW plaza pants, both in black 4-ply silk.

I'm still thinking about this one. I may remove the Hearts A Flutter over-blouse shown on the right below and replace it with this super comfy kimono made from Folkwear's Japanese Field Clothing kimono pattern. It would double nicely as a robe.

Here are the basics: CLD The Blouse Perfected, TSW plaza pants in tencil, TSW cropped urban pants in a linen/rayon blend, TSW mimosa top in a Japanese cotton, CLD P&S shell in African cotton, TSW Mix It top in white cotton pique, and CLD Hearts A Flutter over-blouse in an indigo cotton.

Also included will be some workout clothes (not shown - aren't you glad?) and the PJs below. I just finished the PJs. The top is a simple rectangle with openings for my head and arms, and two strategically placed pockets. The pants are the mompei pants from Folkwear's Japanese Field Clothing. Both are in a cotton knit.


  1. wow what a great collection. As a frequent traveller for work, I know that I often pack things that I never wear. My packing has really improved over the years because if I can, I always do "hand luggage" rather than put a bag in the hold. simple things like a dress takes up less space than a skirt and a blouse helps when I go on a trip.

    Saying that, I have a few of these "working wardrobe" patterns that I have still to make up a complete set.

    Have a great trip.

  2. Very nice -- I especially love your dressy black top. Have fun in NE -- hope you get to do some fabric shopping. Don't know if you saw my reply to your post, but check out Apple Annie Fabric on line and Delectable Mountain Cloth on line. Both worth a trip but only if you have the time since both do a nice job putting their things on line as well. We're in NYC this weekend, but sometime when you're up it would be fun to meet. When you're at Fabric Fix, you are only 10 minutes from me!

  3. Great travel wardrobe. I like the fabric choice for the hi5 - good idea. I made on but it was white raw silk.
    Have fun.

  4. Looks great, Martha! I saw Michael's Fabrics in Baltimore has a great sale on boucles:
    I know you've been looking. They have very high quality stuff.