Friday, January 25, 2013

Mad Men and

Mad, mad, mad
Women too.

I'm not sure why. I like several of the new ones.

Now 1341,a Donna Karan Design, is intriguing. In fact I like her jacket, An otherwise interesting dress with an arrow pointing at her armpit.

It's probably cuter in real life. Anyway it's red so I kind-of like it. 

It might look better with the Coolie Jacket. The lines are definitely different.

There were several other new ones in the latest Vogue line up that I like a lot:

  • Also from DK, a cute jacket, 1346. But it's not really anything dramatically new. I do love the big collar on it though. It kind of reminds me of an older Marcy Tilton jacket.
  • Speaking of MT, I love, love, love this new dress from her - 8876. I'm hoping there is more about this over on her website. The one with long sleeves looks interesting but it is made up in black so impossible to tell much about it. I like the line drawings of all 3 views.
  • 8883 is called *basic* and I guess it is. It's appears to be a terrific pants pattern with a contour waist and princess seams in the front and the back. Love those vertical lines.
  • A great looking trench style coat - 8884 - this one is definitely on my wish list. 
  • Now 8886 may be a sleeper. Great column (though I won't be making my column in hot pink), as Nancy Nix Rice calls it. And it contains an equally nice dress - terrific lines - may be time for a LBD.
  • And lastly, I love the Chado Ralph Rucci jacket/top. The pants aren't too bad either.
All in all, a pretty good line up for my body shape. I hope.

8883 - perfect pants pattern
1341 Donna Karan
1346 Donna Karan

8884 - love the look of this trench

a great column
8876 Marcy Tilton

1347 - Chado Ralph Rucci

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