Friday, July 5, 2013

Now Sewing...

CLD's Ebb lengthened
Aren't you glad you cannot see the side slits? Me, too.
Summer pieces.

I've been working on some projects started at Design Outside the Line, but took a little break to complete one work-in-progress from early June, and then a simple summer top, inspired by an DOL work-in-progress (to be blogged later - it's still marinating on the dress form).

First was the linen swimsuit cover up cut from CLD's Ebb (of Ebb and Flow). I lengthened it and left the side slits open to the marked spot. Way too high up on my hip, even as a swim suit cover up.

After reading a recent post on blue mooney's blog, I decided I would make the Ebb on my mother's old Singer from 1950.

It is such a pleasure to use. It makes a soft, solid sound as it glides over fabric. I should do this more often.

And it is a sound that reminds me of good times with my mother.

After I completed the Ebb, I took pictures of me wearing it. Oh, what I learn from pictures. Especially the ones that get deleted quickly.

It should be easy to fix this, I think.

Now I'm wondering if I'll be able to actually get into my swimsuit. Argh!

CLD's Ebb detail
sweet closure in the front - might add sashiko
I need chocolate!

Next I made my second top from CLD's Anything But Ordinary. What a great little summer top! The first one was straight from the pattern tissue - no changes. It is very plain but just the kind of top I love in the summer.
My first ABO top. Linen/cotton blend with Buffalo Nickle button on tab and silk patch in back
The second has lengthened sleeves and I omitted the tab at the shoulder. It is made from a yummy piece of silk noil - cinnamon. Even more basic, so I used a linen print for the neck and sleeve facings.

CLD's ABO top
Second ABO. Silk noil. I will wear it with the sleeve hem folded down, not up.

And that's how I celebrated birth of the USA! How about you? I hope you are having a terrific weekend and enjoying your sewing.


  1. I love the swimsuit coverup/dress and I know you will find a fix for those too high slits. You look so elegant in the photo. The ABO tops are pretty, and I am drawn to the greenish one. I like your buffalo nickel button. :-)

  2. Such pretty and interesting pieces! Laughing at your swimsuit grandson has a new pool, I think I'll be dunking in shorts and a tee! call me chicken...I enjoy your details, if you do the sashiko, pls post it, such a pretty technique.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed firing up the old machine! They really are sweet to use. Your new tops are lovely, and you are sure to come up with solution for the coverup.

  4. What fun, sewing on the older machine. You have made lovely pieces!

  5. I'm thinking of pulling out the singer 201 for my next garment. It has a knee control and that' how I learned to sew - with the knee control. I just cut CLD's GO TO top from Louise's mods to the ABO. Now to find time to sew it. Your tops are lovely!

    1. Hope you do sew on your 201, Linda. Such sweet machines.

  6. Lovely! The details on the black top are so special.

  7. Those are such gorgeous garments! I love the cinnamon silk top with the lovely sleeves. And like you a love my 1950s Singer.

  8. Lovely pieces ,both of them. I love the special details.

  9. What a perfect cover up! And I love the ABO tops!

    Funny abou Robyn's Singer post. It made me think of sewing on my aunts old Singer, and I actually started searching ebay. : )

    1. Hope you find one, Janis. They are such wonderful machines.

  10. Love your style! Would you mind sharing what size you used with the ABO top? I suspect I am in a similar range....