Monday, July 1, 2013


Returning from my first Design Outside the Lines retreat with Marcy Tilton and Diane Ericson, I imagine myself as a kind-of astronaut re-entering my own atmosphere. Changed, yet still me.

Diane taught me to think of refashioning existing garments in an entirely new way. In fact, I am now working on a piece that I started with her ideas at retreat. She has taught me to think creatively first, then reach into the bag of (technical) tricks in order to create the imaginings.

Marcy has encouraged me to trust my own creativity and to give it voice. She has modeled the deeply important act of encouraging other creatives. And we are all creatives.

The women who attended the retreat reminded me just how generous, fun, and nurturing a group of women can be.

Thanks to all!


  1. ah, I envy you this experience! Your comment about the astronaut re-entry is spot-on. Either Sisters or Taos would be fantastic, I'm a little closer to Taos, so maybe I'll make it to one of the DOTL events there (minus Marcy....). Thanks for your inspiring posts....

  2. and what will happen is that the learning and inspiration will settle...and then come back to you at the oddest times. I look forward to seeing what happens to your wardrobe and how you interpret your life into fabric.

  3. I saw a pic of you on Marcy's blog. How fortunate you attended before she decided it was her last DOL!