Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

A few days ago, I was explaining to my grandchildren why we have a holiday in the US called Memorial Day. As you probably know, it is the day when we remember service women and men who have died in service to the United States. We had a little discussion about what all that means. I found it a little challenging to explain but they seemed satisfied with my explanation.

And then I forgot all about it.

But evidently something of it stayed in my subconscious. When I finished this version of the Sewing Workshop Hudson top, I knew it needed something else, so of course I added sashiko. Do you see the little remnants of that thought in the sashiko? Yes, it is subtle, but definitely there!

The Hudson shirt is a great pull-on shirt. The pattern envelope includes some funky pants with darts at the ankle. I have made each piece many times.

For summer I like breathable, loose garments. The Hudson top, omitting the cowl collar, is just right. This one is made from a clear red linen. Isn't linen just the best for summer? This linen is one of those good soft ones, purchased at Gail K in Atlanta. I did not even iron it before wearing it today. I like that soft wrinkled look.

I made the Urban pants also out of the red linen, but together it is just too much. I'll wear the pants with other tops.

Here's to all who have made that ultimate sacrifice to protect their communities and countries. Your courage goes beyond anything I have personally experienced. And thanks to those of you who have lost loved ones in such service.


  1. Your top is gorgeous, love the colour. I am in the midst of making the Hudson pants, at the fitting stage. I have seen the ones you have made and love them, so had to have them too. I hadn't thought about leaving the collar off the top, it makes sense for warmer weather so will add this to my wardrobe. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  2. I LOVE the sashiko on the red top...and that your subconscious was at work. :-)

  3. I plan on stealing your sashiko idea. What a great embellishment. I love subtlety.