Friday, August 12, 2016

Peony Done

This peony vest is complete, more or less. It is the one I started with remnants from my nice basic boring gray linen pants completed at Sew Kansas.

It may be just a little snake-bit, given the goofs I made in its construction. Luckily the hand-stitch was pure relaxation. I mostly followed the geometric shapes of the Marcia Derse print I used for the front lining and back facing.

It is barely noticeable.

I almost had a suit of sorts - pants and matching vest. I say almost because I managed to plant some bleach on the front of the pants before completing the vest. So now I'm considering creative coverage of that goof.

It's not a big deal, of course. I have so many other pairs of pants that will go with this vest and I probably would feel a bit nerdy wearing it as a suit. And I may like the new version of these basic pants more anyway.

A sewing buddy suggested I just wear these pants as is. Each time I'm with other people, I can exclaim, "oops. I must've spilled something here." I won't but it's tempting.

Now considering various options - grey fabric marker, oddly place pocket, boro treatment. Lots of good options really.

The Peony is a pretty flower too.


  1. I got so many chuckles out of this post, Martha! We all know about these sewing/life glitches.
    Just LOVE the stitching on the vest. And love Marcia Derse fabrics! Great save!

  2. I love your peony vest.....and love that you don't seem to stress over things!

  3. wow, the stitching on the vest is so wonderful. Nice work Martha. As for the bleach, I did the same with a Cutting Line top and can say that permanent marker is not a perfect solution.