Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AIM - vesty

with TSW trio Tee
When Cutting Line Design's Artist In Motion (AIM) arrived, I thought I would start with the tunic. I'm still intrigued with shirts and I'm still taking Pam Howard's online course over on Craftsy.

But the vesty just kept rising to the top of the sewing queue, along with this Japanese cotton I purchased from Louise Cutting at an ASG event (Augusta, maybe?).

Plus, after reading through the directions, I thought this might be almost instant gratification. It wasn't instant but it was very gratifying.

It seems that I always purchase too little fabric, especially when it comes to something special. So I found that using the purchased 1 and 1/3 yard of 45 inch fabric required special maneuvers. The pattern envelope calls for 2 yards of 45 inch fabric.

I do love this kind of challenge. I'm thinking that's why I buy too little. Maybe. And I'm cheap.

with CLD's TBP
I was about to give up on this fabric for the vest when I remembered that Japanese designers sometimes place the selvage so that it shows. It is a kind-of designer's signature (chop), I think. And this is a pretty selvage.

So I cut the back as two pieces, each with the center on the selvage, overlapped the two selvages and stitched together. Since this is not a wash-and-wear item, I don't think the selvage will cause any drape issues. At the end, I added a little sashiko and some French knots to the back to highlight this.

I used radiance as the interlining and love it. It may become my go-to lining. So user-friendly with its blend of cotton and silk. It's a little pricey for lining though, so it probably won't become my lining go-to.

The binding is bias silk dupioni, always a favorite fabric for binding.

The vesty goes with several items I already have, including CLD's blouse perfected and TSW trio Tee. Now I'm ready to make the tunic, I think, in a light-weight coordinating corduroy.

But first a muslin of the tunic so that I can tweak the fit a bit. BTW, this vest is one-size-fits-most. How fun is that?


  1. I think "wow" sums it up -- very nice!

  2. that is really cute. Great save working out how best to get it out of "too little fabric".

  3. I love, love, love it! That pattern is going to make its way to my house soon!

  4. Wow, Martha. I love. I love that you showcased the selvedge and used a luxury binding. Diane Ericson advises buying less fabric to encourage creativity and you are doing it naturally!

  5. Gorgeous vest, Martha...and great creativity in how you got the vest out of less fabric than called for. The lining is spectacular,too...where did you get the Radiance? Mmmmm...

  6. Gorgeous result - especially since born of "creative necessity" :)

  7. Love the fabric, lining, and binding. This loose vest is not for me, but I would love to see a photo of it on you!

  8. This is spectacular Martha. I especially love spotting your handwork.

  9. This is fabulous. The selvedge makes a distinct designer detail. Clever.

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