Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night Results

As I watch the US election results discussed, cussed, and fussed about,  I feel lucky to have such a satisfying hobby. It doesn't make anyone mad and makes me (mostly) smile.

I am keenly aware of this when a project proceeds smoothly. Take this jacket - Louise Cutting's By Popular Demand. It contains her signature instructions that are clearly articulated, thoroughly illustrated.

I was influenced by Margy of A Fool for Fabric and her way cool biker styling. She looks so very chic and hip in her jeans jackets. And I began to notice that often, as leaving the house, I wished for casual jacket to toss on. BPD may be just right.

Also I recently purchased this hand-woven Guatemalan fabric from a vendor at a quilt show. I love the colors and the mood of the weave which also seems to work with a jeans jacket.

The fabric did present a few challenges. Since it is hand-woven, it ravels easily and quickly. Also the fabric is only 36 inches wide. The stripes are symmetric around the center fold. I was able to manipulate the stripe successfully with one exception.
bias binding on inside

And I'll never tell.

Next up, buttonholes and buttons. I am auditioning these wooden buttons.

Then I hope to start wearing it. A lot.

And, now, back to the election coverage. I may have to eat chocolate.


  1. What a sharp jacket! That should nicely fit the bill of a casual, but really nice, jacket.

  2. Martha, this will look wonderful on you-what a super fabric to liven up a plain pair of pants or skirt.

  3. Lovely! Great use of the fabric stripes.

  4. Wow! That jacket is the best election "therapy" I have seen. All your garments are stunning.

  5. VERY cool jacket. Love the fabric. Listen, if you don't have luck with HF getting the border fabric I would be happy to be a personal shopper for you. I lived in Atlanta for 7 years and enjoyed it. Wish we had known each other!

  6. Your jacket looks wonderful. I especially like what you've done with the yoke.

  7. Great jacket, Martha! Love the fabric and how you've manipulated the stripes...Enjoy!