Thursday, November 29, 2012

'Tis the Season

It happens every year. Soon after Thanksgiving, I become light-headed and a little too happy.

Yes, I find myself thinking, this year I will make my gifts.

For a week or two I am oh so perky about it all. I make a gift or two and I'm pleased.

Beware. I'm in that stage right now.

I just finished a jewelry bag for DDIL. After a recent trip, I heard her say to DS, "I really need a jewelry bag." So I mouthed to my son I'LL MAKE IT. He nodded and filed it away.

Well, here it is. And I like it. I hope she does too.

The process was fun too. It reminded me of a programming exercise I used to assign so students could learn a bit about recursion. I had to back into it. I pictured it from the outside in, but had to construct it from the inside out.

I might post the dimensions and/or the directions in case anyone is interested, or maybe just for me. Next time I'll have to reinvent it, otherwise.

It has some cool features like little linen tubes that earrings can easily pierce, and the straps also allow her to secure a necklace by weaving it through the linen tubes. The two zippered end pockets allow her to see what's inside.

The only challenge was to avoid over-stitching and then causing the perforated plastic to separate. I think it's OK.

If I make it again, I might make it larger.


  1. So cute! Please post the instructions!

  2. Really nice-- hope the rest of your gifts go so smoothly! What's next?( we won't tell)

  3. That's a great jewelry bag. When I make gifts, I start out all happy about it, but after a couple, my enthusiasm wanes.

  4. I am sure she will love it. The colors are wonderful and the transparent pockets are very nice.

  5. You have to love *any* gift that references recursion, but this jewelry bag is especially cute!

  6. I love that bag. I'd love to get into sewing bags. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. I blogged about it - thanks for putting together such an entertaining blog!