Thursday, November 8, 2012

pants, pants, pants

V7881 - slacks?
While working on a pants muslin, it occurred to me that I've heard this more than once. Pants fit can be classified into 3 categories:

  • trousers - crotch is low and does not touch the body
  • slacks- crotch is more closely fitted but still stands away from the body a bit
  • jeans - crotch is tightly fitted up against the body, causing a cupping in under the buttocks*

Sarah Veblen's book cover

I think I finally understand. Hooray for experiential learning. And pictures. Sarah Veblen covers pants fitting in her book The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting. Nice pix.

V8546 - trousers?
Pants fit is considered, perhaps, the most difficult of fitting. We are all shaped so differently. And the shape of the lower torso changes when you sit and when you stand. I noticed that because my gym has these horrible mirrors everywhere.

V1115 - jeans?
I hope to muslin 2-4 pants patterns. Sure do wish the descriptions were more precise about the crotch fit. Even the Claire Shaeffer pants pattern envelope is vague about the fit.

And I also like a pull-on pant like TSW plaza pants and CLD's one-seams. I'm thinking those are really trousers. Maybe.

*a cute look when you have a rounded posterior.

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