Monday, February 25, 2013

A Jewel Neckline

The design of Cutting Line Design's Artist In Motion tunic illustrates the advantages of the jewel neckline, I think. I tend to prefer a V neck but this shirt is just so much fun to make AND wear, that I find myself liking the simplicity of a jewel neckline.

This is my second version; the first was made out of  an artsy linen/cotton blend. Just realized I forgot to publish that blog earlier. I love that version.

This is a perfect little tunic. An interesting placket. Louise's signature top-stitching. Pretty inside and out. So simple, yet so versatile.

This one is even more simple, made out Radiance - a blend of silk and cotton. It has a sheen on one side, flat on the other. I think I'd prefer another button, but this is a good place holder.

Besides, it's a jewel neckline...

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  1. Fab-U-lous Martha! Hope to see you next week at the Expo. I think we're just coming down for Thursday to do the vendor floor. All the hotels are sold out so we may just drive down and back that night.