Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Crop Circle

Recent projects include this very small piece - 12 inches by 12 inches. The off-white is a silk noil lined in cotton flannel; the black is a light-weight wool with heavy interfacing.

I stitched what I thought was Jude's wrap stitch. But now I cannot find her info about it. Did I imagine it?

The stitch involves two passes.  I used pearl cotton for both.

The first pass is a simple running stitch, worked from the back on a piece of flannel. That way, I could mark the lines and follow them easily.

The second pass is worked on the surface. I attached the second piece of thread on the back and came through to the front, near a running stitch. Then I used the end of the needle to gently lift each running stitch, sliding the second thread under it with the tip of the needle. It creates a texture sort of like small waves. Twisted. Wrapped. Snugged.

To me it looks like a crop circle viewed from an airplane window after a heavy snow. A little thought for the blanket son and family are experiencing in NH.

I did use Jude's method of managing the ragged edge, though I sewed the edge with my machine. The silk noil was just right for this.

I am also intertwined with this prayer quilt. Small quilt. Huge prayers for Katie. She knows.

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  1. Your Jude influence is showing so beautifully! Love what you're doing :)