Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cross Training - Silk Dye Painting

Quite by accident, I have discovered the advantages of cross-training.

I have learned to quilt, while continuing to construct clothes. And I've explored art quilting, which I love almost as much as clothing construction. I always return to clothing construction, my first and favorite hand craft. Often I return, affected by, inspired by, informed by the new aesthetics and techniques.

Now I am in the midst of a fun and relaxing adventure outside of my comfort zone. I am taking an 8 week class in silk dye painting from Hellenne Vermillion, a wonderful artist AND teacher. This is the first piece I've taken from start to finish.

I have applied new-to-me techniques to get it to this point: doodle drawing with the resistad, a resist agent; then painting inside the drawn resist lines. I tried to produce as many different, and bright colors as I could. And I tried a little blending while painting on the silk. Some of it was on purpose.

Lastly I steamed it and washed it out. I did not believe that it would really work, so I took *before* pictures, in case it returned to its orginal state of off-white silk crepe de chine. It really worked! A testimony to Hellenne's teaching skill.

It is not a work of art, but it is joyful. So I am joyful with it.

It will become something - perhaps a happy surprise on the inside of a garment? Wall hanging? Window decoration? An infinity scarf? It looks the same on both sides, given the nature of dye painting. So it would be interesting as a mobius scarf.

Before steaming and washing



  1. What a gorgeous piece of fabric! I love your color choices and motifs. Looks really great.

  2. You are wrong, this is a work of art, a beautiful piece. It needs to be displayed or worn so that others can enjoy it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!

  3. How gorgeous! Yes, definitely frame it or turn it into an embellished wall hanging!