Friday, May 17, 2013

My Swing Set - the Jacket

My first version of Cutting Line Design's My Swing Set (MSS) jacket is almost completed. I need to add a snap or two underneath to manage the under layer when it is closed, and I need to move the button loops to allow the buttons to sit more comfortably on the jacket.

And I need to press it. It looks pretty good without even pressing, doesn't it? That's what I love about linen. It wrinkles and then the wrinkles fall out.

The fabric is linen from Gail K. When I opened it out, I discovered that it was faded along the fold. So I had to cut the sleeves short to avoid that. I added a bias cuff to each sleeve to make them full length again.

After deciding to go ahead and use this linen, I discovered that another piece of linen in the stash would be fun for piping. This is the good linen - a piece I bought from Louise Cutting a while back. I have plenty to make a column to go with this jacket. My column will probably be the little shirt from By Popular Demand, paired with either the tapered one-seams or the MSS narrow pants.

My favorite aspects of this little jacket are...
  • general shape 
  • asymmetric closure (if desired)
  • shape of the collar
  • cut-on sleeves
  • goes with an existing column
The wooden buttons came from Gail K. And, of course, I bought more linen while there.

This jacket is a little autumnal in its coloring, so perhaps I'll wear to Italy in September. I cannot wait for this very special trip. But I won't wait to wear this little swing jacket.

This lovely little swing jacket may become a TNT for me.


  1. Love the bias cuffs - great design detail tho it may have been unplanned. Love those lapels. Overall great jacket. Can see why it will become a TNT.

  2. Your choice of piping really takes this piece over the top!!!

  3. This is a beautiful jacket. Well done.

  4. This is so pretty, and interesting. I love the bias cuffs, and the added piping.