Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Hard to Say No.

It all started when I made the Odette from Sewing Workshop. I had enough fabric left over to make something else. Not pants. OK. A skirt. 

Even though I usually feel frumpy in skirts. Even though skirts require special undergarments. Even though this fabric is one of those cheap pontes - the kind with lots of polyester, instead of rayon. 

Yep, this piece was snake-bit from the get-go.

Finally I sewed it up. It's a fun pattern because Katherine Tilton gives instructions for overlapping side seams continuing into the machine stitched hem with a double needle.

But then I tried it on and I did not feel fun.

I really, really wanted this to be successful.

DH and I decided it was too long. So I cut it off and nipped it in. For a knits-only pattern, it has a lot of ease.

Lessons learned: I can ruin good fabric but I cannot fix bad fabric. See those puckered seams? I tried everything to create straight vertical lines: new needle, slight zig-zag stitch, cotton thread, steam pressing with a press cloth so the ponte would not melt.

Such a dis-a-ponte-ment. 


  1. Sometimes we just have to say done, over, trash! but at least we have the experience!

  2. I understand. I just threw a very complicated vest into the GARBAGE! I've only done that once before. It hurts

  3. Oy! Hurry up and toss it before it causes you any more pain!! :)

  4. Too bad, Martha, but at least it doesn't sound like this was too involved. On to the next!

  5. You gave it a try - and I agree, 'bad' fabric is disappointing. I like the longer style on you, hope you'll do this again in a mid-weight stable knit.

  6. Martha, toss it and move on :-) If you do try again, I'd be interested to see the skirt on you. This skirt pattern is intriguing.

  7. So sad. I'm with you though - skirts somehow never look or feel quite right on me. Tunics or some dress styles are better. Pants are best!

  8. Don't you just hate tossing those disasters!
    Live and learn. I made my last skirt many years ago!