Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sewing with Sandra Betzina

For the past two days I have been in a Sandra Betzina workshop. What fun!

I've longed for a class with this super star since the days of her excellent TV show. I watched those shows over and over again. So when I met her yesterday it was like seeing an old friend. For me anyway.

And you know how these classes go. Interesting and cheerful classmates surround me. Sewers are the best. 

Saturday started with a trunk show. Nothing like it to get your sewing mojo pumped up. Then she measured and fitted us for her Vogue pattern block. 

Day 2, I've made a denim toile of narrow leg pants with princess seams. After a couple of Sandra tweaks, I'm very happy. Now I need to transfer the changes to the pattern tissue. 

Tonight I cut out a toile for stable knit pants. I get one more day with Sandra so I'm anxious to baste these together. Here's hoping I can finish this workshop with two great pants patterns. 

But it doesn't matter much what happens tomorrow. I'm already thoroughly happy and grateful for this opportunity. Sandra like so many sewing teachers is generous and encouraging. 

I'll post better pictures and pattern details very soon. 


  1. Isn't Sandra the best?? I've been lucky to take classes with her on and off for the last 14 years and it changed my sewing life. As you say, I'm so grateful to get such inspiration from such a wonderful, positive person!!

  2. Oh, Martha. green with envy here! I loved her TV show too and have many of her patterns and two of her books. One of these days I'd love to attend one of her workshops. Sounds like so much fun!!

  3. Wha a treat to take a class in person with Sandra . I love her Craftsy classes .

  4. Martha, what an opportunity! I love the picture of the two of you, and I also enjoy Sandra's work and lovely personality.

  5. Ok, I'm officially jealous. Both of the classes and the fact you're getting two pants patterns fitted. Glad you finally got to study with Sandra!

  6. Lucky you! Sounds like fun and very fruitful.