Monday, March 23, 2015

Scream Cleaning

There is something about the first of spring that moves us to clean, sort, and purge. Usually I resist the urge but this year, I am snared in the web of spring cleaning, a web of my own making. What an embarrassment of riches and crap.

 You know the drill. Three piles: keep, toss, give away. Probably I am still holding on to too much. But I do have good sized piles to give away and some to throw away. And a whole box of UFO's I'm not ready to toss yet. But at least they are contained and duly noted. Oops - that's four piles.

It is hard to toss textiles. But what are you going to do with old thread? Old experiments, many too ugly to consider keeping. Old muslins/toiles?

Anyway I'm starting to feel a little lighter now. 

Stash closet at its best.

Now I have to  move everything back into the closet in order to actually finish this first Tabula Rasa jacket.

So, what about you? Are you spring cleaning too? Or do you have your stash under control?


  1. LOVE doing the grand purge - it's the next best thing to losing weight.

    Two items you mentioned that I have found a recycling use for - old thread (which I use for machine basting...I have some from my mom's stash that is on wooden spools labeled Belding Corticelli!) and old toiles/muslins (I use the fabric as a backing when I apply fusible interfacing with the modified block method).

    I can't wait to see your full report on the Tabula Rasa jacket. It's been on my to-do list for some time now.

  2. I've started in fits and bits, but not gotten very far. I keep saying I need to do at least an hour a day---hmm---well hasn't happened EVERY day. For instance today. After the gym and vacuum, I headed for the sewing room (badly in need of cleaning) to try to finish a car seat cover project. It's almost done, and I could probably finish tonite, but I'll do some weed eating outside and then watch Peggy Sagers. All in due time I guess. Congrats on your cleaning/purging success!

  3. It's a chore isn't it. At least the odd bit of sunshine energises me, and shows up the dust and heaps. But on a grey day motivation is hard to come by. Good luck with your Scream Clean.

  4. I love your "scream clean" picture! That's how I feel too. This year I'm not starting my sewing room spring cleaning until May 1st. Sunday I started a sewing marathon for a month. Instead of sorting through my UFO's, every day I'm taking one from the top of the UFO tote and finishing that one OR donating OR throwing it. I have tons of stash and obviously it's more fun to start something new!!! So, as an incentive, every soon as I finish my one UFO and if I have time...I start/work on something new for spring.

  5. My problem is in my own head I would like to have fabric stored only in the file cabinet and not in the drawers. Keeping my sewing area from overflowing requires returning fabric pieces back to the file after pulling pieces for the next project. Ongoing!

  6. I've been sorting through my yarn stash, organizing and getting rid of as the spirit moves me. Way too much yarn to knit in this lifetime. What was I thinking?
    Then there's the whole studio clean up that should be done. You know how bad that situation is! Problem is I'd rather create than clean!