Monday, December 1, 2014

Before and After: Butterick 5891 - the Jacket

Recently Dixie of With Needle and Brush described three versions of Butterick 5891 and made the case for mining one pattern to achieve different looks.

Dixie created 3 very different tops/jackets from the jacket portion of this pattern. Each one is artful and totally Dixie.

I have made the vest/top portion of this pattern a few times, but have made the jacket only once. And I wear that jacket every chance I get.

Sometimes, I like to return to finished projects and make adjustments. And sometimes this goes very badly but this time, I like the result.

Buttons and pockets are always a good thing.

Before adding buttons and pockets

I added pockets with buttons and some closure buttons. I was surprised to see how it changed the look of the jacket to add that top closure.

The fabric is a Brussels washer shot in black and ivory. It is cotton and rayon and more beefy than other Brussels washers I've sewn with. This one was purchased from Waechters right before they closed.

And now I really, really want to make this again, perhaps in something appropriate to the cold weather we are having. Because this jacket is asymmetrical, it has extra possibilities with the neckline. I also wonder how it would be as a vest, longer maybe. Lined. Two left sides. Two right sides.

Butterick 5891 is a great pattern to make over and over again, Dixie. (Hope you don't mind me copying.)

Butterick 5891 is on sale for $3.19 over at Club BMV, in case you need this pattern.


  1. This is beautiful--I love the look with the button accents! I agree that this pattern has much more potential for variety than appears at first glance. I have been contemplating several new versions myself recently. Perhaps you and Dixie have given me the push I needed! I always love your work.

  2. I like it so much more with the pockets and buttons. Great addition! I need to pull this pattern out again. But right now, I have so many irons in the fire and no extra time. Why is it I want to sew when I have other things claiming my time!!!!

  3. Martha, I really like your version. Switching how the collars overlap and adding the button up there was brilliant. So, too, the pockets with buttons. This looks so sharp! And no, I don't mind you exploring the possibilities of this pattern at all. I'm glad you were inspired to do so! I recently made yet another version, which I'll blog about soon. But the idea of a heavier fabric for winter warmth - now you've got me inspired!

  4. Oh my, I now want move B 5891 to the top of the queue. Beautiful.

  5. Wow, what a difference. It looks like a different jacket. In fact, I thought it was Marcy's new coat pattern at first glance. I've made this a lot and will remember this treatment for the future! Great!

  6. HI Martha,

    I tried emailing you but no response. I'm wondering if your email has changed. Can you contact me? Got a question. Sorry to use this venue!

  7. Martha, I really like the look buttoned this way! This is such an attractive and versatile pattern, isn't it? I've already made both the jacket and the vest and can picture several more versions in my future.